Nordplus Project 2022/23

Thanks to the financing by the Nordplus Programme we as Mariager Højskole have a project running in the school year 2022/23 The project funds a part of the cost for our project whose aim "... is for the Estonians to experience Danish culture, a Danish Folk High School, participate in the education at this school [...]

IT employee

Application and conditions of employment Interviews are held regularly, so apply today by sending your application with CV and any references to: If you have any questions about the position, please contact Martin Boesenbæk, Executive Director of the Schools, on tel. 96 68 27 11. The position [...]

Kitchen Manager

Application Deadline: 13 June 2022 at 12.00.Interviews will be held regularly. The post should be filled on 1 August 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter. Applications should be sent to Leif Petterson You are welcome to contact us for further information by contacting the kitchen manager Charlotte Bundgaard Møller tel. 96682702 or by mail About Mariager Høj- og [...]

Gerald: Salvation Army, High School and Aalborg Mission

Gerald is currently completing a bachelor's degree in theology at Mariager Højskole and is also the initiator of a new offer for students in the Salvation Army in Aalborg. Read his compelling account of encountering God, mission and his ministry in the Salvation Army. Read the full interview here Read Krigsrå

Is the Bible better without sin?

At its core, all sin is a rebellion against God, or to use another classic word - idolatry. That is why the ten commandments start with "Thou shalt have no other gods but me" and when a lawyer asked Jesus what is the greatest commandment in the law he replied "Thou shalt love [...]

Mariager Højskole on Quiet Moments

In the last while, the high school has repeatedly worked with the knowing worship and podcast platform - Stiller Stunder. Worship First, our music and worship teacher Christoffer Højegaard in collaboration with Quiet Moments has released a new single called - "Lord, I Would Serve". You can watch the music video here and listen [...]

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