High school life gives you the opportunity to get close to our teaching staff. Passionate, committed, geeky, outgoing, life-lovers with a heart for God and people, church and society. The teaching staff teaches, coaches and hangs out, both when the schedule is full or empty.

Leif Petterson

School captain, theological oracle, coffee geek and bookworm.

Tina Wirtz

Vice Principal
Administrative Manager. Lively, willing to travel and a North Jutlander you can count on.

Simon Linde

Teaches theology, ethics and everything in between. AGF in his heart, 'PASSION' tattooed on his arm.

Mikael Iversen

Mission Officer. Passion for adventure, good design and mission trips.

Peter Makovini

Study Manager. School think tank and philosopher. Whispers 'ordnung muss sein' in his sleep.

Christoffer Højegaard

Law singer to the bone. Has a funny twinkle in his eye, and the most wonderful laugh.

Rasmus Lund Jonstrup

Word-slamming beatboxer with heart filled with theology and love

Heidi Klentz

Artist and conversation-guro. Always has several students under his wings.

Amalie W. Poulsen

Young employee
Loud theologian with a sharp knowledge, humor and laughter

Michala G. Sangild

Young employee
Warm-hearted anthropologist, colorful nature lover and social cornerstone

Peter Bak Kozma

Young employee
Biggest fan of football, church and Thy culture

Marianne Johnson

The one who can answer (almost) all your questions.

Kenneth Merrild

Hourly teacher
Media ninja conquers the digital world with camera and laser mouse

Mads Houe Sørensen

Hourly teacher
Musical genius with absolute ear. Masters 5 instruments + a skateboard.

Maria Iversen

Hourly teacher
Psychologist, mother with a capital M and the best person in the world to talk to.

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