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A year at Mariager Højskole can be summarised
in the following five headings.

Folk high school

Experience the social community that enhances your understanding of yourself and others.

Bible School

Explore theology and strengthen your personal faith and understanding of God.


Get coached through obstacles and find your path to the future.


Discover cultures and people who expand your world while you change theirs.


Get involved in church or community where you can make a difference.

Short courses
& events

I really want to learn more about the Bible
/ Julie 21 years old
I didn't know what I wanted from my second sabbatical or from education, but I knew I had a desire to do something that was meaningful and developed me personally. During my time at Mariager Højskole, I have really been able to develop in the field of worship. The school has created a safe environment where I have been able to develop and use what I have learned. I have learned to prioritise and nurture my relationships and have really been inspired to continue learning more about the Bible. Mariager Højskole has been the ideal place for me to develop in faith, ministry and personal life."
I have closed old doors and opened new ones
/ Daniel 25 years old
I came from a stressful background with many challenges, and therefore chose to start a new chapter in my life by attending Mariager Højskole. During my time at the school, I have developed into a more positive person and I have found out how important it is for me to have God in my life. I have closed old doors and opened new ones, and what I take with me are strong relationships and a greater understanding of who God is.
I have found joy in everyday life
/ Joakim 22 years old
Before I chose to go to Mariager Højskole, I experienced an emptiness - as if there was something I was missing. I had a desire to strengthen my hope in God and find meaning in everyday life. What has made a big difference for me has been all the personal conversations with friends at the school and coaching with the teachers. What I take with me now 3 years later is new knowledge, a bachelor's degree and a new perspective on life - I have learned to be happy with who I am and have found joy in everyday life."
My year at college has probably been the best year of my life so far
/ Priscilla 21 years old
I was not ready to start a study and had a longing to develop personally and to make a few good friends with whom I could share my faith. Often I have felt that I had my life completely under control, but through my time at Mariager Højskole I have discovered that I have many things to work on, to let go of and to accept. My year at the college has probably been the best year of my life so far. It has been a year about me and God, and I have become a stronger woman who rests more in myself. I've been well equipped for a journey that doesn't end here, but is just the start of something great.
Teaching is about curiosity, discovery and experimentation
/ Olivia 24 years old
One week at the school was not enough for me and so I started four weeks later. Mariager Højskole offers sharp, grounded teaching that approaches theology as the deepest mystery, where it's not about a curriculum or "the right answers", but about being curious. In this way, teaching becomes a kind of research room, where there is room to discover and experiment. I have asked questions that I would never have asked if I had not been at the school, and this has been crucial for my faith and further walk with Jesus. I'm never quite finished asking questions, but MH has given me the tools to delve into theology and interpret the Word myself. I would never have been without it!
The college facilitated the space for rest that I have not been good at finding myself
/ Simon 28 years old
For me, Mariager Højskole has been a place where I have been able to find peace and rest, as I came from a daily life where I had been involved in many things for a long time - personally as well as ministry-wise in the church. I really needed this time of rest to be facilitated for me, as I have not been good at finding it myself, and I sincerely believe that the college has an amazing ability and spirit about it to create just that space.

Travel and

Your year at Mariager Højskole takes you out to experience the world. Each year has three major trips, one of which is included in the payment.

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