A life-changing stay is just around the corner. We've gathered all the practical information you need to get started.

Annual wheel

Each month you will find a series of unique experiences that follow the school's annual wheel. Below you will also find an overview of the important dates of the school year.

School year 23/24

13 August
22. October
7. January
18 February
June 29th
Christmas holiday
22 December - 7 January
Easter holiday
28 March - 1 April

School year 24/25

Christmas holiday
Easter holiday

During holiday weeks, you do not pay school fees, but you may leave your belongings in your room. You can only be at school during holidays by arrangement with the school office.

Weekly schedule


Weekly price incl. accommodation in school year 23-24

1.450 kr per week

Weekly price excl. accommodation in school year 23-24

1.250 kr per week

Weekly price incl. accommodation in school year 24-25

tba kr per week

Weekly rate excl. accommodation in school year 24-25

tba kr per week

  • The prices include the whole school stay, tuition, board, lodging, experiences and various trips.
  • International travel is available.
  • Free study trip (during spring) if you start before 1 January.
  • The course is paid in advance in monthly instalments.
  • The 1st instalment is charged as a deposit, and is therefore part of your total school fees, but is not refunded if you withdraw before the start of school.
  • You can apply to the school starting after the summer holidays, the autumn holidays, the Christmas holidays and after the winter holidays. (see specific dates on the Annual Calendar)
  • If you wish to interrupt your stay after starting, you must give four weeks' notice, for which you will also have to pay school fees.
  • This also applies if you interrupt your stay due to a breach of school rules.
  • Prices are adjusted annually.


Funding ideas

Paying for a stay at Mariager Højskole doesn't have to be complicated. Sit down and make a realistic budget of your expenses and how you want to finance it. Here are some suggestions on how you can put your finances together:

  • Holiday work (DKK 15,000-30,000).
  • Savings or child savings.
  • Find personal sponsors from your family or friends (e.g. DKK 100-1,000 per month).
  • Ask your church if they will support your stay, possibly in exchange for you doing your ministry internship in the church (DKK 5-10,000).
  • Do a fundraising event in the church/youth ministry.

Call 96 68 27 00 or write an e-mail and let us help you on your way.

Support schemes
& Stipendia

The Management Scheme

Let your church support you. Mariager Højskole and UngMosaik (formerly PBU) offer a solution for more leaders to develop in a good professional environment, combined with internship in the local Children and Youth Work in the church. If your church sees you as a future leader it wants to invest in, they have the opportunity to support you. If you and your church are interested in applying for the leadership scheme, please contact the Headteacher.

PITSTOP scheme

For those who are in higher education but need to regain motivation or take a break before completing their studies. You can apply for financial support.

Mentoring scheme

If you have not completed secondary education, you can go to a college with a Mentoring Scheme. Here, you will be assigned one of the college's trained mentors, who will help you get ready for secondary education. You will also be able to apply for reduced student fees.

Seasonal pools

In addition to the regular schemes, you may be lucky to fit into a pool that the college has available to share out at certain times. (For example the diversity pool which supported families with children and adults over 50.) Contact us to find out if there is something just for you.

Norway, Greenland & Faroe Islands

As part of the Kingdom of Denmark or for those coming from Norway, there are special opportunities to help you finance your stay at the college in the form of loan boxes and special education pools.

Contact us and we will help you find out if you can benefit from these options.

Support club

If none of the options above work, there is another option: the Mariager Højskole Support Club supports current or future students who dream of being a leader, working on their academic studies, are circumstance challenged, or those students who are international and/or new to Denmark.

Municipal or international funding opportunities

There may be different possibilities to get municipal or international support for you high school stay. Check your options.

Still confused?

Call 96 68 27 00 or write an e-mail and let us help you on your way.

Rules and Expectations

Mariager Højskole has some expectations and ground ruleswhich stem from our values. You are expected to you adhere to these during your stay at the school.

  • You arrive on time for your agreed schedule.
  • You respect your obligations in terms of cleaning, washing up, tidying up and other tasks.
  • You will help to create an environment of friendliness and helpfulness towards students, teachers and guests.
  • You attend worship on Sundays.


  • You are required to attend classes
  • You join our alcohol-free environment inside and outside school.
  • Sex is reserved for married couples.

If you breach our expectations or our expectations or ground rules, the school has the right to you from the school, as it is important for us to create a constructive environmentwhere everyone thrives.

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