Become a



Your stay at Mariager Højskole starts with a simple registration.



In the confirmation email you will find a link to a form where you must provide more information about yourself.


Welcome letter

We have confirmed your registration and first payment and will send you a fill-in email with the info you need.



Welcome to Mariager Højskole. You will be accommodated and a tutor will introduce you to college life.


Weekly schedule

The first week you choose electives and ministry and set up a schedule with your coach.


To be admitted to a Danish folk high school, you must be at least 17 ½ years old on the start date of the course - even if you start later in the course.


By registering, you confirm that you agree with the school's student regulations and are willing to engage in positive cooperation around the school's goals and values.

(1) You are required to attend class and arrive on time.
(2) You help to create an environment of friendliness and helpfulness towards students, teachers and guests.
(3) You participate in worship on Sundays.
(4) You join our intoxication-free environment inside and outside the school.
(5) Sex is reserved for married couples.
(6) You comply with your obligations regarding cleaning, washing up, tidying and other duties.

Holidays and freedom

You have time off when there are no classes or other duties to attend to. The weekend begins at the end of classes on Friday and ends on Sunday evening. If you wish to take time off or a holiday during your stay, the school will not receive any state aid for the weeks you are absent. Therefore, you will pay school fees during the period of absence.


Upon registration, the first instalment of the stay of DKK 3,000 is to be paid in advance, which will not be refunded in the event of cancellation. Payment for the course is due in monthly instalments one month in advance. After you have started at the school, there is a 4 week notice period during which tuition fees are still payable. This also applies if the school interrupts your stay due to a breach of school rules.


Your payment for your stay at the school covers pretty much everything, but there are some insurances that you should be aware of, you need to decide for yourself if you need: (a) Private belongings (Your private belongings, clothes, computer, mobile phone and the like). (b) Accidents/Injury (e.g. sports) (c) Liability (If you break something during your stay at the school). (d) Travelling abroad (luggage is not covered by the school's travel insurance). For further information on insurance please contact the office.

Thank you for signing up!