Nordplus Project 2022/23

Thanks to the financing by the Nordplus Programme we as Mariager Højskole have a project running in the school year 2022/23

The project funds a part of the cost for our project whose aim “… is for the Estonians to experience Danish culture, a Danish Folk High School, participate in the education at this school alongside the Danish students, get digital competences and be prepared for a digital society and computational thinking, learn about the Danish educational system, visit Danish families / homes / companies, work-places etc.” (Read more on This project is only a possibility due to good relations to and collaboration with a partner bible school in Estonia named SA EKNK Õppekeskus (Read more on Following are some brief accounts on the project’s prime activities.

Estonian Focus Day

The 9th of September 2022 Mariager Højskole hosted a special day with the focus on Estonian history, daily life, arts, food among other things.

Other activities during 2022/23

From August 2022 through June 2023, the Estonian students participated in many other activities at Mariager Højskole (see: www.mariagerhojskole/elev). They spent time with Danish students, teachers, and coaches and participated in group work, discussions, work-shops, projects etc.

Besides the activities mentioned above, they participated in excursions to historic-cultural spots, educational institutions, different churches etc., in Denmark and also visited Danish families.

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