Postal address:

Mariager Høj- & Efterskole
Gl. Hobrovej 10
9550 Mariager
Tlf. 96682700

CVR: 57901314

Visiting address

Mariager Højskole
Hjulhusvej 12b
9550 Mariager


Read Mariager Højskole's statutes here:

The Board

Michael Kjærgaard

Claus Bækgaard
Vice Chairman

Kristina Bay

Lars Due

Ken Due

Ellen Frismodt

Maja Schrøder

Last updated 12.07.2023



At Mariager Højskole we have six words that express what we want.

  • Folk & Missional
  • Formation & Discipleship
  • Commitment & Service

Value set

Formation - We seek opportunities to be formed by learning about life, each other, culture, history and the world. Christian formation, discipleship, puts Jesus and the presence of God at the center through the personal and communal life of God that builds character and creates natural spirituality.

Respect for others - We are a school characterized by inclusiveness and respect, where diversity is seen as a strength; a place where authority and meeting times are respected. Based on God's love, we will avoid negative discrimination and reckless behavior, but work to ensure that people and property are treated with care.

Responsibility - We are a school where everyone has ownership. A place of hospitality and quality, where each individual, with God's help, takes responsibility for themselves and contributes to the whole, while being encouraged to change.

Community - We are a school where, in a God-centred community, everyone feels they belong; a place of team spirit and service, where diverse personalities and nationalities are integrated. We do not want anyone to be disengaged, but for everyone to commit and allow others to come close, so that even weakness can become strength.

Trust - We are a school of openness, possibility and the presence of God; a place of authenticity and intimacy, where we dare to build relationships and give responsibility. We will avoid hidden agendas and work to connect words and lives.

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