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Mariager Højskole is a buffet of possibilities that can be put together in many ways. It gives you the opportunity to get just what you need out of the year. Choose your STREAM. Choose your ELECTIVES and enjoy the variety of excursion and travel options that perfectly spice up the experience and the level of challenge.


On the lines, you will have the opportunity to delve into the topics that are relevant to you. Whether it's how to interpret the Bible, how to develop yourself, or how to lead volunteers, we have a line for you.

Four out of five weekdays will be spent on your chosen line, giving you the opportunity to discuss, reflect and ask questions. You'll also find yourself involved in classroom interactive exercises where your views and life experiences come into play. The aim of all the lines is the same - that Jesus may transform your life.

Select 1 line

  • Theology
  • Societal
  • Leadership
  • Study


/ Dive into the Bible

The four focus areas of the theology program are the Bible, theology, ministry and lifestyle. Here you will learn about the most essential topics of the Christian faith. We delve into the individual books of the Bible, study Christian dogma, and through academic assignments reflect on the applications of faith in your own life and the life of the church. You will also be equipped to act on your knowledge and challenged to live out your faith. Ultimately, all of the theology curriculum points to how you can develop a deep relationship with Jesus and help others to do the same.

  • The books of the Bible
  • Introduction to Christian Dogmatics
  • Wisdom to grow with God
  • Challenge to practical action


  • Bible Study Methods
  • Synoptic Gospels
  • The Gospel of John
  • Acts of the Apostles
  • The Letter to the Romans
  • Galatians
  • The Philippine Letter
  • 1. Timothy
  • Project Bible


  • Counselling and pastoral care
  • Missiology
  • Personal evangelism
  • Apologetics
  • Teambuilding
  • Christianity and politics
  • Call and service


  • The teaching of the Bible
  • The teaching of Jesus
  • The doctrine of the Holy Spirit The doctrine of God
  • The teaching of the church
  • Eskatology
  • Christian view of man
  • The spiritual world
  • Church History
  • Pentecostalism


  • Christian lifestyle
  • Christian view of man
  • Ethics
  • Self-leadership
  • Shape
  • Sex and relationships


/ Only available in Danish

The Societal line is about making us wiser about life, curious about people and society, and open to the world we all relate to.

We explore the diverse narrative of Christianity, immerse ourselves and ask informed questions to find answers and meaning where possible. We discuss existence and coexistence, faith and doubt, formation and identity, democracy and citizenship, the embeddedness of history in our society and the direction of culture.

We take on the biblical view of life and humanity, its worldview and horizon, which puts our own self-understanding, neighbourly love and what threatens human existence into sharp focus. We discuss the meaning of Jesus' message to us in the Gospels, put into words spirituality and experience and the role of the church in a modern world.

The aim is to be moved, touched and enlightened together, in order to find our identity and place in the world with faith in Jesus as a concrete expression in everyday life

  • Deeper knowledge of the Bible and the narrative of Christianity
  • Rooted in faith, spirituality and autonomous existence
  • Developing life skills and discourse for life
  • Inspiration for participation in society, culture and church
  • Clarification of human outlook and worldview

& Theology

  • The teaching of the Holy Spirit
  • The teaching of Jesus
  • The Doctrine of the Church
  • The doctrine of God
  • Romans
    & Justification
  • A Spiritual Reality
  • Climate Crisis and Church Coffee
  • Faith & Mastery
  • Faith and Doubt
  • Peter & Paul

& Identity

  • Endurance & Stamina
  • Spirituality and Clarification
  • Prophetic lifestyle
  • Call & Service
  • Self-leadership 1:
    Anchoring & Engagement
  • Self-leadership 2:
    Goals & Meaning
  • Who should I be?

History, culture
& society

  • Sex and Love
  • The Ethical Man
  • Life View and World View
  • Pop Culture and Zeitgeist
  • Church History 1: Confessions & Dogmatics
  • Church History 2: Reformation & Charism
  • Storytelling Workshop 1
  • Storytelling Workshop 2
  • Lewis & Tolkien
  • Viking Age & Viking Faith
  • Liberation from authority (60-70s)
  • History of the 20th century
  • Christianity & Politics
  • Newsweek
  • Project Week


/ Learn to lead yourself and others

Christian leadership starts with God and his mission in the world, and then it's about how you lead yourself and others. That's why we build your leadership skills by giving you a theological foundation, practical leadership experience and inspiration for leadership and volunteering in church, business and society. The world needs Christian leaders who know both their theological foundation and leadership platform. The leadership track helps you analyze and ref lect from a theological leadership perspective, taking responsibility in churches, leading volunteer organizations, mission work, or business. Therefore, you also help to take responsibility in the daily life of the school, Belong, worship services and church practice.

  • Competencies for Christian Leadership
  • Theological ref lection on the challenges of the present
  • Equipment for service in the church
  • Volunteering and Commitment to God's Mission


  • New Testament exegesis
  • Correspondence
  • Theological reflection
  • Hermeneutics
  • Postmodern apologetics
  • Crystology
  • New Testament Greek
  • The Reformation
  • Pentecostal theology
  • Trinitarian Theology

Christian leadership

  • Servant leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Personal leadership
  • Servant leadership
  • Coaching
  • Pastoral care
  • Different personalities
  • Male/female
  • Christian spirituality
  • pastoral ministry
  • Discipleship
  • Volunteering and motivation
  • Change Management

Mission & Service

  • Church Development
  • Church planting
  • Management of small groups
  • Explicit preaching
  • Narrative preaching
  • Missional Church
  • Project Management
  • Christian sociology

/ Teaching in the management line is in English


/ Time for contemplation

On the Study Line, you immerse yourself in a thesis of your choice, and even have the option to opt for a Bachelor in Applied Theology. You can immerse yourself in theology, management, spirituality, missiology, media or music. The degree is an ideal option for those who want to equip themselves to work full-time in a free church, missionary organisation, humanitarian organisation or other church-related organisation.

The study line follows the school's regular daily routine and teaching. In the mornings, the school's various teachers teach you, giving you time to immerse yourself in your chosen subject. In the afternoons and evenings, you have the option of choosing any of the optional subjects and activities the school has to offer or to continue to immerse yourself in a subject under the guidance of a teacher.

  • Time for specialisation in a subject of your choice
  • Opportunity to work towards your Bachelor of Applied Theology
  • Support for further personal development


Read more about our collaboration with AlphaCrusis College on the possibility to study a Bachelor.

Major electives

Choose 1 major elective
  • Music & Worship
  • Talent & performing arts
  • Sports & Adventure
  • Diakonia & Psychology

Music &
Praise song

/ Find your voice

Explore the music and dive deeper into your understanding of what praise and worship are.

Become more proficient at your instrument through ensemble playing and private lessons, write and record your own songs, go on tour around the UK and become part of a worship band that leads worship at school.


  • Private tuition
  • Songwriting
  • Recording
  • Music Theory
  • Ear training
  • Praise leadership
  • A life of worship
  • Prophetic hymn
  • Band & Interplay
  • Hymns in the Old-
    and New Testaments


  • Connect meetings
  • Morning Collections
  • Juleshow tour
  • Worship Conference
  • Prayer Collections
  • Church tour

Talent &
performing arts

/ Get over the edge

We write plays and create performances, big and small, based on the creative skills YOU bring to the table. Strengthen or discover your creative potential as we explore different forms of expression together; theatre, poetry slam, monologues, dance, scenery and more.


  • Private tuition
  • Songwriting
  • Recording
  • Music Theory
  • Ear training
  • Praise leadership
  • A life of worship
  • Prophetic hymn
  • Band & Interplay
  • Hymns in the Old-
    and New Testaments


  • Connect meetings
  • Morning Collections
  • Juleshow tour
  • Worship Conference
  • Prayer Collections
  • Church tour

Sports &

/ Get fit and shape your life

Explore God's creation by sea, land and air as you challenge your limits and strengthen your body. Train your discipline, learn to control your body and feel your pulse beat.


  • Kayaking
  • Mountain biking
  • Freediving
  • Running and Orienteering
  • Fitness and Strength Training
  • Circuit training and Crossfit(r)
  • Underwater rugby
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Fencing
  • Boxing
  • Climbing
  • Hardball
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Muscle building and weight loss
  • Parachuting*
  • Survival trip
  • Beast-Challenge
  • Various races
  • Sponsored races
*Separate payment

Diakonia &

/ To help is to understand

Are you passionate about making a difference to people in vulnerable and difficult circumstances - showing care and charity? Do you dream of bringing theory and practice together in a meaningful way, while gathering knowledge and concrete experience?

Gain insight and become more aware of human mental, physical and spiritual needs. Meet the world, see a need and help promote change and movement through diaconal work - one person at a time. Understand me best. Meet me best.


  • History of the Diaconate
  • Diaconal and social work
  • Conflict management and violence prevention
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Mental illness from a Christian perspective
  • The personal conversation


  • Bølgebryderen, Mariager
  • Crisis Centre for Women, Hobro
  • Mandecenter, Randers
  • Gadecaféen, Aarhus

Small electives

Choose more
small electives


Give your prayer life a boost. Pray with others who love to pray and experience prayer as an indispensable part of your everyday life.


Make a difference in Danish youth work and school ministry by getting involved in preaching and event organizing.


Hockey for landlubbers. Show us your best ankle shots, race the sun black and collapse from exhaustion.

Board games

Explore the colourful world of board games with lots of fun and excitement! All kinds of genres from party games to social deduction, escape room and storytelling, as well as produce your own board game.


Weightlifting, gymnastics, crossfit, zumba, insanity and sports. No two days are the same, but we guarantee plenty of movement, high pulse, sweat and fun.


The running club takes you from the level you start at. You'll get plenty of miles in your legs, and together with the team you'll run through Mariager's scenic surroundings.


Sharpen your social skills to observe, analyse and debate, while expanding your ability to contribute to democracy through dialogue.

Spirit, Body, Soul

Become an authentic healthy person with good healthy habits for your body. The subject that prevents or remedies stress and burnout.


Enjoy the team spirit, the coordination and the joy of the perfectly placed ball. Challenge your opponents and get your pulse racing.


Take on artistic projects. Join a creative environment and use your hands to create something beautiful. You'll express yourself from idea to finished product and learn new artistic and practical skills.


The choice that is your antidote to a stiff body. Find and train muscles you never thought you had, bend and stretch joints you never thought you could.


Hit the turf, make the perfect stab and enchant us with your dribbles.


Get Danish lessons and take module tests in cooperation with Sprogcenter Himmerland in Hobro. Here you will develop your Danish language skills and be able to become an active member of Danish society. You will gain insight into and understanding of Danish society, culture and traditions, and you will become part of a social network. All teaching will be based on the individual student's prerequisites, and teaching will be planned accordingly.

Explore the world with
friends and purpose

Our network opens the door to meeting unique personalities with inspiring stories and commitment to meaningful projects. Step into unfamiliar cultures that challenge your social skills and experience standing together as a team. These are journeys that broaden your perspective.

Autumn Travel

The Europe trip gives you the opportunity to experience and meet the needs of a completely different European church culture. Here you will have the opportunity to show practical love and care that makes a difference to those you meet and leaves an impression on you.

Spring Travel

Be inspired by what your talents and skills can do. Travel your trail, engage in concrete projects and be challenged to dream big.

Study travel

The study tour gives you a unique opportunity to explore the places where Christianity was founded. Follow in the footsteps of the Bible's protagonists as teachers and local guides bring history to life.

Destinations in the last 5 years:

College Life

This is the adventurous part of the school, which cannot possibly be described in these pages. It is the heartbeat - when the indescribable atmosphere arises. It's when your "to-read list" is almost completed slumped in the hammocks, when you get out the wetsuits and swim across the fjord, or with a high pulse speed your bikes through the deciduous forests, when you join a Bible group and read the Bible together from cover to cover, when time stands still in front of the beach fire at sunset. All that happens... that's high school life!


The Belong group is the small community in the big school environment. The group eats breakfast together every day and meets once a week for coffee, prayer, life sharing, Bible reading and walks together.


At Mariager Højskole we place great emphasis on an uplifting atmosphere of faith, worship, prayer and inspiration. As a student, you'll have fellowship every morning, at least one weekly worship service and special inspirational conferences with international speakers at the school.


Transforming conversations

As a student at Mariager Bible College, you will have a personal, certified coach who will meet with you once a month. Here, your walk with God and people is put first, where no topic is too big or small.

By asking the right questions, your coach will help you reflect on where you've come from, where you are now and where you're going. Conversations can be about your personal goals and progress, or processing incidents and challenges from everyday life. They can delve into your history and identity or help clarify your dreams and calling or work through deeper questions of faith and meaning.

Thank you for signing up!