Mariager Højskole wants to equip this and the next generation with the theological foundation needed for their ministry.

Alphacrucis College, Australia, offers a BA and MA in Classical or Applied Theology in collaboration with Mariager Bible College. It is therefore possible for you to study a bachelor or master degree through Mariager Højskole. Alphacrucis College is an approved international education in Denmark.


in Classical or Applied Theology

Target Audience:
Students who want the full Bible school experience in the school setting with Christian fellowship, mission trips, coaching and discipleship and want to go deeper into Christian theology and ministry through weekly classes.

Teaching method:
Day student at Mariager Højskole

3 years

Admission criteria:

  • English language at B2 level of the CEFR qualification framework.
  • High school/vocational education or/and age over 19.

arranged by Mosaik

Target audience:
Aspiring pastors in the Mosaic network who, in collaboration with their local church, would like to grow through theological education, networking, mentoring and practical experience.

Teaching methods:
Model 1: Day student at Mariager Højskole with extensive church practice in his local church.
Model 2: Flex student attending 6 fixed teaching weeks per year with other aspirants.

4 years

Admission criteria:

  • Contract with the church leadership and Mariager Højskole
  • English language at B2 level of the CEFR qualification framework.
  • High school/vocational education or/and age over 21.

for pastors and leaders

Target Audience:
Experienced pastors and leaders who are committed to ministry but want to further their academic studies.

Teaching method:
Online courses with video teaching materials, pdf files, textbooks.
On-site intensive weeks at Mariager Højskole as supplement, networking and contextualization of studied topics.

6 years

Admission criteria:

  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in a primary leadership role. For example: senior or assistant pastor, leader in church council, NGO or similar.
  • CV describing how you meet the above criteria
  • Documentation of your current position as pastor/leader.
  • English language at B2 level of the CEFR qualification framework.

All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for proof, for guidance and for training in righteousness, so that the man who belongs to God may become fully mature, equipped for every good work.

2. Tim 3:16


Bachelor in Applied Theology

Mariager Højskole's collaboration with Alphacrucis College, Sydney, makes it possible to study a Bachelor of Theology in three years through Mariager Højskole. The distinctive feature of the programme is that it is denominationally rooted in evangelical charismatic Christianity, unlike theological programmes which are non-denominational.

This Bachelor is a special and amazing combination of a number of subjects in biblical theology, systematic theology, church history, practical theology, leadership, missiology, spirituality and personal development. It thus differs from other theological degrees in having more emphasis on Christian life and ministry, and less emphasis on, for example, philosophy and biblical languages.

The first two years consist of teaching at Mariager Højskole. After that you will be transferred to Alphacrucis College. From here, you can (1) study online from home, (2) take a third year of the college's degree programme and complete your bachelor's degree online, or (3) go to Australia and study directly at Alphacrucis College, Sydney. The education component is unique in the field of higher education, and it should be emphasised that the education component is an optional extra to the normal higher education course. The college's undergraduate programme averages 4-9 undergraduates per year.

Contact Mariager Højskole's Academic Dean for more information.

Accreditation of the programme

The Bachelor's programme is an approved international Bachelor's programme in Denmark. This is because Alphacrucis College is approved as a research-based institution by the Australian Education Authority, and therefore it will be assessed on an equal footing with other foreign Bachelor's programmes in Denmark. Alphacrucis College has been on the Danish SU Fast Track list for several years, which means that it is approved for SU and possible overseas scholarships. This approval must be renewed every five years. See the current status on

In principle, the bachelor's degree should be accepted in all higher education programmes (master's and bachelor's programmes) that admit students not only from a narrow field of study, but from different bachelor's programmes such as pedagogue, teacher, 3K, and other professional bachelor's programmes.

Each institution will always make an individual assessment, but there is precedent for students being admitted to the following places on the basis of their Bachelor of Arts in Ministry:

  1. Diploma in Management
    1. Copenhagen Business School
  2. Candidate in Diakonia
    1. Aarhus University
  3. Candidate in European Church Roots
    1. Aarhus University
  4. Master in Globalisation and Integration
    1. University of Southern Denmark
  5. Bachelor in Persuasive Design
    1. Aalborg University
  6. Master of Theology in Applied Theology
    1. University of Wales
  7. Studies at the University of Birmingham

Career opportunities

As a graduate in (applied) theology, you will have a thorough knowledge of the many nuances of Christian dogmatics, biblical theology, leadership, ministry, the art of preaching, spirituality, pastoral care and have learned to apply these theories through practical experience.

You can work as:

  • Priest
  • Children's, Teenage, Youth Pastor
  • Praise Leader
  • Ecclesiastical Administrator
  • Pastoral educator

In, among others:

  • Free churches
  • Missionary work
  • Humanitarian and social work
  • NGOs and several Christian organisations.

Aspiring Pastors

About the pastor training

We have a strong ambition to train and educate you who want to take up the important role of leadership in a Mosaic church to be able to effectively do the job. The leadership or pastoral role is God's calling and equipping, sharpened and developed through training, mentoring and education.To create a healthy spiritual ministry that meets the challenges of the future, we have a leadership and pastoral aspirant scheme based on mentoring and internship in your local church, networking with other aspirants and leaders, and on theological education. You will therefore receive holistic training because the world needs to see Christian leaders who have both ability and character, passion and theological understanding.If the call to ministry burns within you, contact us now to discuss your options!

Contact the director of Mariager Højskole for more information.

Elements of formation as an aspiring pastor

THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION - We live in a world where professional insight, knowledge and education matter, and therefore it is also an important part of Mosaik's leadership and pastoral training program. Mariager Højskole has an educational partnership with Alphacrucis College (AUS) for a fully accredited Bachelor of Arts in Ministry, which includes systematic theology, biblical studies, pastoral theology, spirituality, and practical ministry subjects.

NETWORKING - As an aspirant in Mosaik, social relations and networking with others is also important. Here you can share questions, thoughts and ideas with other aspirants, as well as build a network with experienced pastors and leaders. It is mandatory for an aspirant to attend relevant gatherings, including SummerCamp, Next, SuperDay, Leadership Conference, as well as regular gatherings for aspirants.

MENTORING - The church leadership selects a mentor with whom you meet once a month. In the mentoring conversation, we talk about ministry, education, personal skills and well-being. Specific goals are set and evaluated from time to time. In addition, it is important that the pastor and trainee pastor meet regularly to pray together, evaluate and plan.

PRACTICUM - With regular responsibilities in the church, you will experience the maturation and development of your ministry gifts. You will also have the opportunity to try out new aspects of yourself with a wide range of tasks in the church. Overall, this will give you insight and experience in leadership and pastoral ministry.


You can only become a leader or pastor aspirant in a local church. In cooperation with the church leadership and Mariager Højskole, a contract is drawn up with goals, job description, training plan and special conditions to ensure that all expectations of each other are aligned.

In collaboration with Mosaik


Mosaic's trainee coordinator

Master's programme


Online courses of Alphacrucis College provide you with professionally made video teaching materials, pdf-files, textbook reading requirements and other relevant literature. They also provide student support, facilitate online discussion and marking of your assessment tasks by qualified Australian lecturers.

Onsite, intensive, week-long courses at Mariager Bible College will complement most of the online courses and ensure relevance and application of the teaching material to the danish context by equally qualified local lecturers. These courses encourage group synergy and an ongoing productive dialog among the senior pastors and leaders in Denmark. Additional local tutoring and student support are available upon request.


You are eligible to apply for this program if you have (a) a Bachelor's degree in theology, ministry or another related domain OR if you fulfill the following criteria for (b) professional entry: 1. Minimum of five years of professional experience in a managerial or professional senior leadership role. For example:-Ministers in senior leadership positions;-Managers and leaders in non-governmentorganizations which act to further social orcultural outworking of Christian ministry. 2. A CV outlining how you meet the abovementioned criteria. 3. Statement of Service, e.g. an employmentcontract, or simply a letter from an officialsource documenting your current senior pastor/leader position. 4. Minimum of upper intermediate English levelproficiency. This is equivalent to B2 level atCEFR qualification framework. 5. In exceptional circumstances, a case maybe made for assessing broader skills orqualifications, such as:-research and/or creative projects at anadvanced level-publications, presentations and conferenceparticipation-experience outside tertiary educationin industry, business or governmentmentemployment -professional experience in local, state ornational organizations.

fv. Leif Petterson - Headmaster of Mariager Højskole, Stephen Fogarty - Headmaster of Alphacrusis, Peter Makovini - Academic Dean of Mariager Højskole


Alphacrucis is a multidisciplinary Christian University College shaping and forming students to make an impact in the world of Business, Counselling, Education, Ministry, Music and beyond.

Mariager Højskole has a unique collaboration with Alphacrusis that facilitates your way into higher evangelical biblical theological education. 

Study guidance

Mariager Højskole can offer different combinations to help you on your way into the theological world. Call or write to our academic dean Peter Makovini if you need more in-depth study guidance when starting your theological studies.

Peter Makovini

Academic Dean

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